Stop Apologizing For Being a Football Fan

By Sean Anchondo

Social media has set out its deprecating nature to seek and destroy. The NFL and football in general are now being targeting as immoral and barbaric. I have seen some of my friends on Twitter or Facebook saying that they are now boycotting the sport. These same people are not your conventional sports fan. In fact, I don’t think they watch football at all.

jj watt

I want to preface this by saying, football is a violent sport and I understand that. A couple of weeks ago, JuJu Smith-Schuster made a peel back block and knocked Vontaze Berfict out of the game. Not more than five to ten years ago, the NFL used to have these kind of hits on their highlight reel. This hit used to be a common occurrence, having played football in high school, I have been a victim to these hits. Having said that, I agree with the NFL, these kind of hits need to be eliminated from the game. I do not agree with how the NFL handles most of their off field punishments and anti-drug enforcement, but the way they have addressed making the sport safer, it cannot be understated. It is a league that is evolving for the betterment.


Everyone keeps overreacting to all the injuries in the NFL. They say “the NFL is too dangerous!”, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, David Johnson, Odell Beckham all down with injuries. The NFL is a violent sport, people get hurt all the time. It’s part of the game. “But what about CTE?!”  According to data done by QuintilesIMS Injury Surveillance and Analytics, there was a decrease in concussions from 2015-2016 shown by 11.3 percent. That is progress! I know you see all the injuries and your first impulse is to say that the NFL is too dangerous. When I see that head injuries are going down, I see that as a good thing. Football players are going to tear up muscles and break bones, those heal. They know what they are getting involved with.

To be subjective for a moment, football is the greatest sport to play. Winning in football is the ultimate high. Other than winning, the game has taught me work ethic, to not give up, how to be a leader, and many life skills that were learned through the game. Football is violent, there is no doubt about that, and players know that. The fact is, the sport is becoming a safer game, thanks to the new rules. Although the NFL is having a PR nightmare because of all the political protests, the quality on the field is as good as I can remember. The NFC has two teams that do not have their franchise quarterback on their roster. Just think about that, the NFL is going to be fine, stop buying into the hysteria and review the facts.


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