Big Ben Vs. the Steelers

By Sean Anchondo

Ben Roethlisburger fresh off a game clinching interception, made sure to shift blame to the coaching staff when interviewed after the game. Big Ben claimed he wanted to spike the ball, but the coaching staff told him to run a play which resulted in a game ending interception.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a predicament as of right now. They have a future hall-of-famer, who is seemingly on his way out and isn’t afraid to burn a few bridges on his way out. Before the season started, players like Drew Brees and Tom Brady, were talking about their futures like they were going to play forever. Big Ben went in a different direction, he said, “I’m going to take some time and evaluate with my family and just do a lot of praying about it and make sure it’s the right thing for me and my family,”. Not a ringing endorsement for his future. That sort of statement is usually reserved for someone who just finished a season and isn’t ready to commit to another. It was very Peyton Manning-esque, post Super Bowl 50.

Ben Roethlisburger has a talk radio show he hosts in Pittsburgh. He has been known to criticize players and coaches on the air. He isn’t afraid to call out his peers to the media. After Antonio Brown had a tantrum on the sideline, he made sure to call him out on the air.

Maybe it is a dysfunctional family and this is how they handle things, but this has the makings of a train derailment. Based on how weak the AFC is this year, the Steelers are most likely going to make it to the AFC championship, but that is where it ends. This is where Ben Roethlisburger’s career concludes, avoiding confetti at Gillette Stadium sauntering off into his next chapter.

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