LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball Saga Continues; Lithuanian Coach Sells Meat Out Of His Truck and Other Hi jinx

By Sean Anchondo

Just when you thought the Ball family adventures couldn’t veer off the rails any more. Here comes the Lithuanian story of the coach who doesn’t speak English, yells constantly throughout the games, and sells meat in the parking lot after the game as a side hustle. This is setting up to be an epic train wreck.

LaVar Ball is insistent on staying in the news. Last month, LiAngelo Ball along with a couple of other UCLA players were arrested in China for shoplifting. Ball was then suspended by UCLA indefinitely. Just like a good dad would do, LaVar Ball then pulled LiAngelo from UCLA and LaMelo from Chino Hills High School to drop out, so they can play in a far eastern European country to play basketball.

Now enter Franschilla Šeškus, the Lithuanian coach of the Vytautus club. The non-English speaking, loud, belligerent, and side meat peddler. Reportedly, his mannerism come off as an insane person. Playing basketball overseas is a whole other beast. Learning how to play basketball from a coach that doesn’t speak the same language is going to be big challenge for the Ball brothers. Acclimating from sold out seats at UCLA or even Chino Hills High School to 75-100 people at a 1,500 seat arena in Lithuania is going to be an intense form of culture shock.

Am I rooting for these kids to fail you ask? No, it is a story I keep trying to ignore, but like a train wreck I can’t help but watch. This almost has a sports comedy movie feel to it. There will be no happy ending. Through bad parenting these kids are going to be met with reality and how hard life can really be, and how important education is. They will spite their dad for taking that away from them when they are older. Maybe this will be the last we will be hearing from LiAngelo and LaMelo, and we can get back to debating of how bad a shooter Lonzo Ball is. Either way, I am sure LaVar Ball will find a way to stay relevant in the news cycle. This should be interesting.

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