LeBron Is Having a Historically Great Shooting Season…. Even Better Than Jordan

At 33 years old, LeBron James has somehow transformed himself into an upgraded version of himself. As most athletes start to wear down when they pass the age of 30, LeBron is now putting up the best shooting numbers of his career. When looking at these numbers, you must have to think of all time greats. Enter the greatest NBA player to ever grace this earth. The holy, the mythical, your “Airness”, The Micheal Jordan.

Michael Jordan had his best statistical season in 1990-1991. This is where Jordan turned into the mystical beast that is still being spoken about today. Jordan captured his first NBA championship that year against the Los Angeles Lakers. There was a game where he scored 13 straight field goals and a play where it seemed like he was stuck in the air faked a dunk and did a reverse lay up. This is where he went into “God-mode”.

LeBron James, 30 plus games into this 2017-2018 season is for some reason entering a second prime…..(pretty sure that isn’t a thing, but it sounds about right). Has elevated his game. No Kyrie Irving, No Isiah Thomas (yet), and a bunch of role players along with Kevin Love. I should give Kevin Love some recognition, he is having a pretty good season so far. Let me put out some numbers to bring this all together. This year, LeBron is shooting 57.2 percent and has a 3-point field goal percentage of 41.1 percent, his career average for field goal percentage is 50.3 and 3-point field goal percentage is at 34.4. His fg percentage has gone up 7 percent and his 3-point fg percentage is also around 7 percent. Those are insane numbers, that puts him around the best in the league this year. James is even shooting better than Curry (I know he is hurt), who is shooting at around 47.3 fg percentage and 38.1 3-point shooting percentage. Is LeBron about to enter “God-mode” like young Jordan at the tender age of 32?

Michael Jordan in the 1990-1991 season, had a fg percentage of 53.9 and had 3-point fg percentage of 31.2. LeBron is shooting 3 percent higher in fg percentage and is shooting 10 percent better at the 3. Yes I know Jordan was not a 3-ball guy, different era, blah blah. James is putting up historic numbers and we have to acknowledge that he is one of the greatest of all time. He might not have the championships Jordan has, but when it comes to player efficiency, LeBron will have beaten him in almost every category. Go ahead, fight me in the comment section.


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