NFL Games That Matter Week 16

This past week I went 5-2 on my picks. Missing on the Seahawks and Rams match up and the Chiefs and Chargers. Who would of thought Seattle would just quit like that. All the off field political antics are starting to catch up to this team it seems. I will have more about that later in a separate post. Either way I was pretty solid on my picks for the week. It is make or break week for a lot of teams in week 16. The NFC playoff hunt is still far from decided. The Falcons-Saints game is massive in terms of ramifications for a few teams in the conference.

An interesting game in the AFC has to do with the LA Chargers and NY Jets. The Chargers are only one game out of the playoffs. If they win and (most likely the Bills lose to the Patriots), they only need the Ravens to lose one more game and they are in the Playoffs as a potentially dangerous team in a weak AFC. The Ravens finish against the Bengals, in what can be a very emotional game for Marvin Lewis’ last game as head coach. I can seriously see this scenario play out. Back to the game at hand, the Jets are a competitive team but lack elite NFL talent. I think this game will be close but the pass rush is going to be a headache for the Jets. The Chargers have the edge at quarterback in Phillip Rivers. Every major deciding factor goes San Diego’s way, I have Chargers 16 Jets 10.

Buccaneers at the Panthers. The Bucs are a mess, they can’t get out of their own way. They had the Falcons numerous times on Monday. Nothing is falling their way, even the referee, rushing to set the ball for the tying field goal slipped and fell as precious time melted off the clock. Along with all the injuries, this is not a good match up against one of the hottest teams in the NFL. Jameis Winston shows flashes, I think he going to be a really good quarterback when all is said and done. He just needs to be surrounded with better coaching, this team is just a mess right now. The Panthers should coast right into the playoffs. Bucs 6 Panthers 24

Cowboys at Seahawks. The return of Zeke. The Dallas Cowboys, one of the healthiest teams in the NFL just got a major boost. Only one game out, the Cowboys can seriously make a deep playoff run if the cards fall their way. They need to win out and hope a few other teams lose on Sunday. The Seahawks, fresh off of a humiliating loss to Rams, looks like a crumbling infrastructure. The previously vaunted “no fly zone” and other cute nicknames, was gashed by Jared Goff. The front seven was bullied by the Rams. Todd Gurley looked like he was playing  rookie mode on Madden. Rushing for 150-plus and scoring 4 touchdowns. This Seahawks team looks like they have quit since the Jacksonville game. Sunday’s game should be the nail in the coffin. The Cowboys after Sunday should send shivers down the rest of the NFC’s spine. Zeke should have a solid 80-plus yard game with a couple touchdowns. I have Seahawks 6 Cowboys 23

Falcon’s at Saints. Game of the week, showdown of the two NFC South teams. In the last match up, Alvin Kamara was knocked out of the game in the first drive. Kamara as a rookie is one of the best pass catching running backs I have seen since Marshall Faulk. Losing him in that game changed the game. The Falcons are sloppy, they have not played well in the last two weeks, but have came up with wins. The Saints are going to be surging into the playoffs. With a good young defense, Alvin Kamara, and of course Drew Brees, this is a tough match up for any team in the NFC. I have Falcons 10 Saints 24

Have a fun week, I will be at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend to watch the Cardinals take on the Chiefs. My first time in the city and the stadium, should be fun. Let me know what you think of the picks. Don’t forget to hit the like button, leave comments, subscribe all that blog jargon I can think of.


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