‘Legion of Boom’ No More?

Seahawks victory on Sunday had to have had a hollow and ominous feeling. Seattle who is mathematically still alive in the playoff race still needs a victory, other teams to lose, Jesus, and Dr. Phil to have any success in making the playoffs. On Sunday, Russell Wilson had a pedestrian day, with 92 yards passing. The offense was stymied the whole game. Ezekiel Elliot ran for over 60 yards in just the first quarter. Yet Dallas was able to figure out how to lose this game. After the game Earl Thomas went to Cowboys locker room and pleaded with Jason Garrett to sign him if he comes available in free agency in the off-season. Trouble is brewing in Seattle and it has been rearing its ugly head all year.

Richard Sherman intercepts a Russell Wilson pass during a training camp practice back in 2014, yelling across the field “You fucking suck!”. Reportedly Richard Sherman and some of the other defensive players think Wilson is held at a different standard as the rest of the team. The interception to Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl that same year didn’t help his stock in the locker room. Turning into a distraction, Sherman was put on the trade block this off-season but was never traded. This relationship is heading towards a bad divorce.

An injury plagued year for the Seahawks has shown a dip in the once vaunted ‘Legion of Boom’. The Jacksonville Jaguars physically dismantled the Seahawks back in week 14, Defensive Lineman Michael Bennett frustrated, starts taking cheap shots at the expense of a Jacksonville Jaguar offensive lineman’s knee. This causes a melee between the two teams resulting in ejections. Quinton Jefferson of Seattle then tries to fight a fan in the stands. They follow this performance with a 42-7 drubbing by the LA Rams the next week. A pathetic performance in which players were criticized for quitting.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner calls out Earl Thomas on Twitter (usually a good sign) by saying, “E keep my name out your mouth. Stop being jealous of other people’s success”. Losing 42-7 is a weird time to talk about success. Lets be honest, this Seahawks team does not scare anyone. They went from a top-5 defense last year to a middle of the pack 16th rank this year. Yes, I know they were devastated by injuries, but next year you can be looking at a whole new defense. Two of the Seahawks best players might be gone next year (Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas). Those actions would demolish the very foundation of this team. I can see it happen because it would free up about 15 percent of their cap space.

One positive thing to take away from the Seahawks season this year is, Russell Wilson has had a great year. He has accounted for about 96 percent of all the touchdowns this year for his team, but even he can’t save this team from the dumpster fire. Seattle should get knocked out of the playoffs this Sunday, and then the drama of the off-season will transpire.

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