Should NFL Teams Be Worried About Sam Darnold’s Turnover Plagued Season?

Quick answer: no.

Social media has declared Sam Darnold a bust before he has even declared for the NFL draft. Last night Sam Darnold passed for a little under 400 yards but had a few costly turnovers. The Ohio State Buckeyes boast arguably the most NFL ready defense in the country. Greg Schiano has assembled one of the great defensive lines in college football with Jalyn Holmes, Tyquan Lewis, along with the sophomore Nick Bosa. If you didn’t expect Darnold to struggle in this game, you haven’t been paying attention to this Ohio State team as of late.

Darnold hasn’t played great this year, that is well noted. He also has not played bad. He is throwing at around 63 percent and has a touchdown-Interception ratio at around 3:1. Those are right around where you want them to be. According to some NFL scouts, Darnold is one of the best quarterbacks to come out of college since Andrew Luck. A lot of quarterbacks are not great in their final season in college. These guys are getting ready to become a quarterback in the NFL and make millions of dollars, I get it. One to remember: Dan Marino, in his final year at quarterback for University of Pittsburgh had a completion percentage of about 58 percent and threw 17 touchdowns and (wait for it) 23 interceptions! Bad seasons happen, even to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play. Even Tom Brady’s college numbers were pathetic.

Mark my words, if the Cleveland Browns pass up on Sam Darnold, it will be another notch on the disappointment belt that the city has had to endure. If the New York Giants end up drafting him, the NFC East is going to be very interesting in the next decade. Sam Darnold is going to be a future star in the league. When you see a talent like him, you do not pass it up. Your whole franchise can be at stake.


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