Jon Gruden is the Most Overrated Coach of All Time

The hyperbolical news of the Oakland Raiders hiring the “great” Jon Gruden to become the next head coach became official on Tuesday. The apparent home-run hire for the Raiders should catapult the team to the Superbowl, right? The seemingly mythical coach, would year-by-year seep into the coaching vacancy conversation every year, even in college (Search University of Tennesse). The last time the Oakland Raiders were in a Superbowl, they were getting dusted by the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. That team was coached by who? Oh, you know the ‘great’ Jon Gruden. What if I told you, Jon Gruden is an average to below average coach? Well, he is, and the numbers prove it.

In Jon Gruden’s first year as head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, he took over for Hall Of Fame coach Tony Dungy. In that year, Gruden was able to lead his team to the Superbowl and beat his former team. After the game, some of the players claimed they knew the plays the Raiders were going to run before they happened. The Oakland Raiders were ran off the field, losing in embarrassing fashion 21 to 48. Did he make them better? Not necessarily, in fact, they got increasing worse almost every year. The very next year the Bucs went 4-12 and missed the playoffs, and in his final two seasons, they went 9-7.

One of Jon Gruden’s biggest blunders was passing on Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 draft. Instead of drafting the future Hall of Famer, Gruden drafted Cadillac Williams, a running back that only lasted a few seasons because of injuries. A portrayed offensive guru, hardly showed in his tenure with the Bucs. The offense did not get better with his presence. A few stats posted by Adam Harstad help explain the ineptitude of this guru to the Buccaneers offense:

2001 Bucs averaged 26.6 yards per drive.
2002 Bucs averaged 26.7 yards per drive.

2001 Bucs averaged 1.62 points per drive.
2002 Bucs averaged 1.62 points per drive.

2001 Bucs turned it over on 10.5% of drives.
2002 Bucs turned it over on 10.8% of drives.

— Adam Harstad (@AdamHarstad) January 1, 2018


He then left the Buccaneers to become the color analyst for Monday Night Football. He does a great job as an analyst. He has a great insight into all the intricacies of what football entails. One of the glaring weaknesses that should have the Oakland Raiders worried is his eye for talent. He was quoted as saying that Nathan Pederman was going to be the best quarterback in last years draft. He also thought Tim Tebow was going to have a very successful career as a quarterback in the NFL as well as Johnny Manziel.  Luckily for the Raiders, they already have their quarterback of the future.

With a winning percentage of .540, Jon Gruden is about as average of a coach as you can get. He is basically Marvin Lewis with a Superbowl ring. Having been out of the league for over 10 years, he is going to struggle. The Oakland Raiders signed Gruden to a reported 10 year $100 million contract. This may be one of the great heists in NFL history and Gruden is going to laugh his way all the way to the bank.

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