The Best Thing For The Lakers Is To Get Rid Of Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball is like the cute girl that keeps flirting with you. You know she is trouble, she carries baggage. You think, “I can look past all that stuff. It’s not that big of a deal”. So you start dating her, all of a sudden her dad starts getting too involved with both of your lives. You tell him he needs to back off and let the both of you live your own lives. He then starts tarnishing your reputation. He starts talking to his daughter’s friends, telling them that you aren’t good and that no one respects you. You start thinking this is getting out of hand. Is it even worth it, how much do you like this girl? It’s still early in the relationship, you can break it off now before it gets too serious. The Lakers and Luke Walton need to break up with Lonzo Ball, it is not worth it. Do you think it is going to get better dealing with the obnoxious father LaVar Ball?

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost 9 out of their last 11 games. A young talented team, this sort of thing happens in a long NBA season. All the way from Lithuania, LaVar Ball (dealing with media obligations for his sons playing in the NBA’s minor league), claimed that Luke Walton had lost the locker room. Earlier in the season, LaVar vowed to Magic Johnson that he would tone down his antics. He has broken that promise a few times now. How far is Magic going to let this go on? No doubt this is keeping the Lakers in the news and in the headlines. But, have the Lakers ever really had a marketing problem? The Lakers don’t need promotion, they are the Lakers! This is all self-promotion, this is only good for the Ball family, not the Los Angeles Lakers.

If Lonzo Ball was a transcendent player, the Lakers might be able to look past all this ridiculousness. He’s really not that type of player. He has great court vision for his age and that results in him being a really good passer. Ball averages about 7 assists per game, which is top-10 in the league so far. Of course, that is an important skill to have, but he needs to add more to his arsenal to become great.  Lonzo’s shooting is really bad. He has a field goal percentage of 34.9, 3 point percentage of 29.8 and even his Free throw is under 50 percent, all below league average. In fact, he ranks last in all of these statistics when compared to all the other rookies in the league this year. He will get better at shooting, I am sure he will, but is it worth it?

Players like Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Brook Lopez have shown promise as of late. I think they can really build off those core players. But, the constant distraction that the Ball family brings to this team is not a positive for this team leading to the future. It’s going to get worse if you don’t address it soon. Going forward this might be the best decision the franchise makes. Big name free-agents are not going to want to play on a team with this kind of turmoil. The Lakers need to do what is best for themselves and break-up with the ball family.

Photo source: Lonzo Ball


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