Hear Me Out: XFL Should Start a Franchise In Austin

Interesting news came out during a slow sports news week…..XFL is back! Regarded as a ridiculous league, XFL was known for some of the wrestling like antics that took place on the football field. You had the nicknames on the back of the jerseys, the no “halo rule” on punts (resulting in devastating hits), instead of a coin flip before the game, the ref would toss a football and two players would fight for the ball. I won’t lie, when the league was around I watched it, it was intriguing. I was disappointed when the league folded in its first year. Owner Vince McMahon has decided he wanted to try it over again This time removing the gimmicks, making the game faster, and concentrating on just football.

McMahon has stated,

“that every team is on the radar”

Eight teams are expected to fill the league this year. It is unknown what cities will host the teams. A city that makes too much sense is nestled in the heart of Texas, the sprawling city of Austin. The capital city is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, it is one of the largest city without a pro-sports team, and the city can handle large events because of the ongoing festivals including South By Southwest. The city is no stranger to an influx of people.

One of the first questions is,

“Where are they going to play at?”

That is where it gets a little tricky. The MLS is in the works in planning to relocate Columbus Ohio’s team to Austin. Lobbyists involved in bringing the team to Austin are already planning on where to build the stadium. The team is planning to relocate by 2019. The MLS team could share the stadium with the XFL team. If all goes to plan with the MLS team, the Austin XFL team could be playing in a brand new stadium in the heart of the beautiful downtown Austin area.

Austin MLS soccer stadium rendering. (Precourt Sports Ventures)

The XFL is planning to start their season sometime in January of 2020 in a 10 week season. Austin averages around 60-70 degrees during February. The weather is perfect at that time. Think about going to a football game on a Saturday afternoon with ideal weather conditions. Austin has it all, a fun downtown, plenty of hotels, an eclectic food scene, etc.  Hear me out: bring pro football to Austin, it is too perfect.


Header Photo Source: XFL

Middle Photo Source:Austin Field

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