Jerry vs. Roger

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s bitter rivalry with the eccentric Dallas Cowboys owner continues to rear its head into the news stream. A battle of egos, a power struggle, a billionaires club pissing contest; the contempt they have seems mutual.

Jones and Goodell seemed to be at odds since the NFL docked the Cowboys $10 million in cap space after the usage of a loophole in paying players more during an uncapped year.Redskins owner Dan Snyder, a good friend of Jones, was docked $36 million in cap space that same year.

A rule that was never in place, Goodell used his unchecked powers to punish any dissenting owners.

Fast forward to the Ezekiel Elliot fiasco from last year. A case that was closed because of lack of evidence and contradicting information. The NFL decided to suspend Elliot anyway. Jerry Jones fought the case but because of a long drawn out court decision, Elliot decided to take his punishment and is suspended 6 games.

Infuriated by the case, Jones began questioning Goodell’s competency.  He starts to talk to the other owners about the next negotiation of Goodell’s next contract.

Tensions began to rise between the NFL and Jerry Jones, again. Discussions began about the removal of Jones from the NFL as an owner. The NFL began to lay the groundwork for his removal.

Maybe a scare tactic for the owner to back off. Tensions start to cool off again…until just last week, Roger Goodell decided to fine Jones $2 million for some of the antics that happened during the Ezekiel Elliot case. Which rule was broken has yet to be specified.

Not going out without a fight, Jerry Jones coincidently opts out of the Ticketmaster deal and joins SeatGeek and bought 15 percent of the company that same week! Making a dent in NFL revenue. The Cowboys and the Lions are the only NFL teams not involved with Ticketmaster.

Jerry Jones has been known to go “rogue” every once in a while. The Cowboys are the only team that is not part of the NFL’s licensing deal, in which profits are split evenly with the other 31 teams. He also chooses where gear is sold and is entitled to profits independent of the league. A smart move considering the Cowboys have the highest sale of merchandise in the NFL year in, year out.

Is this battle between Jones and Goodell just about money or power? You can’t say for sure. Based on the cases that were just presented, it seems like it is a little of both.



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