Steph Curry Has Been Atrocious in Big Time NBA Playoff Series Games

13.7 percent, that is what Steph Curry’s shooting percentage was last night in the Western Conference Finals Game 2 in Houston. The All-Star point guard, Steph Curry, is struggling once again in a pivotal playoff series.

An all too familiar playoff performance by the “Baby Faced Assassin”, 7-for-19 from the field and 2-for-13 from three-point. He is also at a -20 in turnovers. Curry has scored a total of 34 points in the last two games combined. In the regular season, Steph averaged over 26 points per game. That is about 10 points under his average.

These performances are not an anomaly. Curry has done this throughout his career. In 2015, against the Cleveland Cavaliers (without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving) Curry was shut down by Mathew Dellavadova. Dellavadova was considered a marginal player, that was undrafted and was brought in to come off the bench.In that game, Curry went 3-for-18 from the field, 2-for-15 from the three-point range and scored just 19-points in game 2. Dellavadova smothered Curry with his relentless defense.

In 2016, Steph Curry struggled the whole series against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. He was averaging 16 points a game (14 points below his regular season average). In Game 1, he scored just 11 points and shot 26 percent from the field and 37 percent from 3-point range. In a pivotal game 7 possession, Curry was shut down by Kevin Love. Which should of been an obvious mismatch for Kevin Love, but Steph Curry choked.

I recognize that Steph is one of the great shooters of-all-time, but there have been times when people try to tell me he needs to be in discussion as one of the greats of-all-time. I reject that, and I will always reference how bad he has been in playoff games. None of the greats have ever had stretches in the post-season that have struggled on the level that Steph Curry has.

Do I think the Warriors will lose to the Rockets? Not quite, the Golden State Warriors are so loaded with talent, they can win in spite of Curry’s struggles. It’s a shame because, people will again forget about the deficiencies that Curry has displayed.


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