Let’s talk about Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons offense were awful last night. Matt Ryan completed less than 50 percent of his passes, threw for no touchdowns and had one interception. His passer rating was at a pathetic 57.4 percent.

By the end of the week, that will probably rank him in the bottom half of the league, after the rest of the games conclude. Not to take away from the dominant performance from the Philadelphia Eagles defense, but I am noticing a trend with this quarterback.

Matt Ryan was under throwing his receivers and missing easy throws. The interception by Rasul Douglass, I am still trying to figure out what happened there. The last pass he threw to Julio Jones that ended the game was almost 5-yards out-of-bounds. Just awful.

Matt Ryan, who is a slightly more talented version of Joe Flacco, seems like he is regressing both physically and mentally. His deep ball was sailing behind his receivers. His late-game decision-making has been questionable at best. It shows with his  2-minute situational stats over the past couple of years. With the “eye-test,” something just seems off. Since the blown lead in the Super Bowl a few years back he hasn’t been the same. Even his accuracy numbers have dipped in the last 18 games.

This should alarm Falcons fans. People can blame this on offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, but I think these are mechanical issues, not just playcalling. If you watch Ryan play, he is really good between the 20’s but when he gets to the red zone he falls apart. In 2017, when he is not in the red zone, he has a completion percentage of around 66, but in the red zone, that number falls to 47 percent, according to NFL.com situational stats.

It gets even worse, in the final 2-minutes of a game, Matt Ryan is awful. Ryan with the nickname “Matty Ice,” meaning he has ice in veins,  has a reputation of being clutch. Last year that wasn’t the case. In the final 2-minutes of a half, he completed just 51 percent of his passes and threw only one touchdown and five interceptions. He was sacked 7 times, (which it seems he takes a lot of those in the closing minutes of games from my observations) and posted a putrid quarterback rating of 48 percent.

I don’t think he is the worst quarterback in the NFL, I just don’t think he can win a Superbowl. The Falcons are in an interesting spot. They have a good nucleus on offense with Julio Jones, Muhamad Sanu, Devonte Freeman, and the rookie Calvin Ridley. Matt Ryan is now 33-years old, the Falcon’s should probably start thinking about drafting their future quarterback in next years’ draft.

The window on Matt Ryan is closed. He isn’t getting better. Do you honestly think he can outduel any of the young quarterbacks in the NFC right now? He is not better than Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, or Jimmy Garropolo right now.

The Atlanta Falcons are going to have to have that conversation because things are not trending in the right direction for them.


Image Source: Matt Ryan Photo

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