The Dallas Cowboys Saying ‘No Thanks’ To Josh Gordon Means One Glaring Thing

Josh Gordon was traded to the New England Patriots for a 5th-round draft pick. The Dallas Cowboys were reportedly interested. Of course, they were interested, who wouldn’t be interested in one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL.

When reporters talk to their sources they will ask vaguely about an interest in a prospect and they will respond with  “sure” or “why not?”.

This will get more clicks on your story when you put the headline ‘The Dallas Cowboys Are Interested In Josh Gordon”.

That is beside the point. Why wouldn’t the Cowboys give up a 5th-round pick for Josh Gordon? Was it because of his drug problem? Do they think a 5th-round was asking for too much? The answer is the Cowboys are sitting on that 5th-rounder because they are all-in on their defense.

Do you think the Earl Thomas trade rumors are gone? Well, I am here to bring them back! With the Seahawks facing Dallas this Sunday afternoon, it can be a real indicator on the future of the Seahawks franchise.

Seattle is on the verge of a total collapse. If they lose to Dallas this Sunday, then they are most likely going to be in full rebuild mode. What will be the point of sitting on Earl Thomas, who is going to be a free agent next year? Why not trade him now and get some draft picks in return to help rebuild this team for the future?

A smart trade would be for Dallas to send a 2nd-round pick and that 5th-round pick I was talking about earlier, for Earl Thomas. It was reported a few weeks ago, that the Seahawks wanted a 1st-rounder for him. Of course, no GM in the league was dumb enough to fall for that. Or the Seahawks weren’t serious about trading Thomas.

Facing a 0-3 start, the Seahawks will now be desperation mode. Holding onto a 30-year-old expensive safety would be a huge mistake for the franchise.

The Dallas Cowboys defense is stacked. They rank in the top-5 in almost every category. You might hear around the league about how average Dak Prescott and the offense has looked, but no one is really talking about the defense. Demarcus Lawrence is looking like a DPOY candidate and the young cornerback Chido Awuzie held Odell Beckham to just 50-yards last week. If you add a player like Earl Thomas to this defense, you potentially turn a really good defense to a great defense.

(Oh, and by the way, the Cowboys have a linebacker that can cover Odell Beckham)


All of the panic from last weeks column I wrote about Dak Prescott will be tempered down. If you have a great defense, you don’t have to score 30-points a game. Instead, you can win with just 17 points a game.

I am not the type to go overboard on the hype train, but this type of defense can really translate well in the post-season. I won’t use that dreaded “S” word that most Cowboys fans say every year. This can really work. Not trading for Josh Gordon makes sense. Sometimes Stephen Jones and Will McClay are able to pull marbles out of their asses.

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